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Gurbaksh Singh Chahal and the Influence of Happiness

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“My favorite movie is ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’,” says Gurbaksh Singh Chahal. But to Chahal, happiness is so much more than an absolute goal. In fact, he very well might argue that the keyword in the title of the movie isn’t ‘Happyness’, but ‘Pursuit’. The path of reaching one’s goal is much more important than actually achieving it.

What is Happiness?

“Happiness,” says Gurbaksh, “is overcoming adversity.” This is why the journey to happiness is unique for everyone, because everyone encounters their own form of adversity. As everyone goes off on their individual path, everyone needs to recognize that there are no two people with the same goals. Two people might want the same results, but there’s a good chance they want those results for different reasons.

If people are on their own, and need to figure out how to conquer their own obstacles, and are able to do so, they should be happy. They have done something they once thought not possible, and now that obstacle is no longer an obstacle; it is an accomplishment. As individuals, we should take pride in our accomplishments, as they cannot always be achieved even though we should always strive to achieve or exceed them.

“Happiness is a Feeling,” says Gurbaksh Singh Chahal

Gurbaksh’s story relates to ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ especially because of the drive of the main character, Chris Gardner. Even when Gardner was down on his luck, he found ways to go on. Just like Garnder, Chahal faced numerous obstacles but eventually found success for himself. He also found ways to use that success for good, by sharing his knowledge with others, and continuing his pursuit for the newest technologies.

When Chahal and Gardner reached that first step of success, it wasn’t because of something anyone else had done. They worked their way up from the bottom and found their way at the top. And when they got there, the feeling of happiness came from within, because despite everything standing in the way of these two men, they had found the success they had been dreaming of.

However, achievement doesn’t equal success doesn’t equal happiness. Each give you different feelings that mean different things. To achieve something may not been you succeeded, and to succeed may not mean you have reached the achievement you wanted. You have to find the right definitions for you, and match them to your feelings. Only then will you know when you have reached your true success, achievement, or happiness.

How You Can Have the Same Feelings as These Two Leaders

Happiness has individual definitions. For Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, it means overcoming adversity. For each one of us, it may mean something different. However, the one thing happiness isn’t, is tangible. Happiness does not come in the form of objects or money; it comes in the form of accomplishment. While Chahal and Gardner were ultimately able to start their own companies, that does not mean that those same actions will lead to happiness for you.

For each one of us, happiness is different. It can be passing an exam, starting a family, or just accomplishing a goal that you have set for yourself. Feeling happy is universal, but happiness is distinct. When Gurbaksh Singh Chahal speaks about happiness, he speaks about the general concept and how it is “the greatest goal of humanity”. That’s a pretty broad statement, for one person with only one perspective.

But in many ways, it’s true. As with most things in life, reaching ultimate happiness is not about the destination, but the journey. It’s about what you had to overcome to get to where you are now, big or small, hard or easy. When you strive to do your best and meet your goals, you will find the happiness you are looking for.

Happiness helps you stay grounded, says Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, because it helps you keep moving forward. It gives you a purpose and a drive, and when you achieve happiness, it will be because you did something worth doing to make your life better. And that is worth more than any amount of money ever could be.

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