Gurbaksh Chahal

Chairman & CEO at ProcureNet  

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The Founder of ProcureNet

ProcureNet is a fast-growing unicorn, offering a next-level tech-enabled solution changing the way manufacturing and commerce co-exist.

ProcureNet connects government authorities, international organizations and large businesses to a vast network of pre-approved on-demand manufacturers that produce the world’s most sought-after commodities at rapid speed and tremendous scale.

Parent of Medriva

Medriva is one of the largest manufactures of high-quality In Vitro Diagnostics and Injections & Infusion products. This includes COVID-19 diagnostic solutions, rapid antigen test kits and WHO-approved vaccination syringes, all of which have aided hundreds of millions of citizens across six continents to help fight COVID-19.

The Dream

[By Gurbaksh Chal]

International Best Seller

The award winning and international best-seller book by Gurbaksh Chahal has been translated in over a dozen languages and became required reading for hundreds of colleges globally.

While success like his is often attributed to luck, Chahal’s story, like that of many immigrants, is more one of sacrifice … it was years of hard work, persistence and faith, along with the support of his family, that brought his financial rewards–not chance.” ― San Francisco Chronicle

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[Top Innovator of the Year]

Awards & Honors

Chahal was awarded the ‘Top Innovator of the Year’ award in 2006. In the year 2010, he was named as the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by the Business Week.

Other publications such as, and X51, also listed him as India’s Most Influential Businessmen of the Year.


Patents Issued

12 Patents Issued


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If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it – teach yourself to be impatient.

Gurbaksh Chahal – BeLimitless

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