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Chahal Foundation Joins the Fight to Stop Child Sex Trafficking

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Child sex trafficking is, unfortunately, a pressing issue in many parts of the globe that virtually robs children from impoverished families of any chance for a happy future. That is why Gurbaksh Singh Chahal and his NGO made it their priority to fight child sex trafficking across the world.

Child Sex Exploitation: The Frightening Truth

Sexual exploitation of children takes many shapes and forms. Many people believe that it mostly involves organized crime, however, in reality more often than not children are not protected against it at home.

In impoverished communities, gang-controlled sex trafficking, as terrible as it is, is responsible for but a fraction of sexual exploitation of children. The unpleasant truth is that many kids are forced into sexual exploitation by their own relatives.

Familial trafficking, though widely spread in developing countries, is harder to detect. Often child victims are allowed to attend school and lead a seemingly normal life, thus passing under the radar of social services. Their life at home, though, is another matter altogether. A mother may allow her boyfriend or a husband to exploit her child sexually for a roof over head; very often she herself has been a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

Then, a child may be engaged in what is known as ‘survival sex’, when he or she is forced to perform sexual acts in order to obtain food and other commodities necessary for survival.

Forced marriage, when one or both parties are married without their free consent, is another form of child sexual exploitation. Often young girls below the age of consent are transported abroad, where they are subject to forced sexual activity and domestic violence.

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal Joins the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

The Chahal Foundation, a part of an NGO network created by Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, has joined the global effort to put an end to child sex trafficking in 2016. It collaborated in rescue raids aimed at saving children from traffickers and providing them with necessary care and means of rehabilitation to break the vicious circle of violence and misery.

Having been born in India, Gurbaksh takes this issue very personally. He participated in one of the rescue missions, and what he saw shocked him so much that he refers to the experience as the lowest point of his life.

Such covert raids require meticulous planning and financial investment: each operation costs between $100,000 and $200,000. Unfortunately, it doesn’t guarantee happy ending: despite careful planning things may go awry, but the people attempting to save the children simply have no right to give up. This means more effort and more money need to be raised to save the children from the hell of sexual slavery

Gurbaksh believes that every child has the right to be happy, and that no person, big or small, should endure such hardships. That is why The Chahal Foundation is doing its best to put an end to child sex trafficking.

You don’t have to raid the slums to contribute to this cause. Be alert. Be proactive. Donate to save the children, because every child matters.

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