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“Find Something You Are Passionate About and Learn to Do It Better Than the Best Guy”

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Learning from the experience of others has always been a winning strategy in any field of human knowledge. Entrepreneurship is no exception: a piece of advice from a seasoned businessman is invaluable to any aspiring entrepreneur.

Luckily, Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, one of the most successful businessmen of our time, is always willing to share his experience with the new generation of men and women who are eager to pursue their dream of success and changing the world. Not only is he one of the prodigies of the digital revolution; he is also a successful author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist.

Gurbaksh started from very modest beginnings. His family moved to the US from India when he was 4, and faced the unwelcoming reality of life as new immigrants. A high school dropout, Gurbaksh launched his first company when he was only 16, and a year later he was one of the youngest millionaires in the country. He went on to found three more companies – each time his new business was bigger and far more successful than the previous one.

Looks like the right guy to go to for advice on entrepreneurship, setting goals and taking risks, huh? And he does indeed have some advice to offer to young entrepreneurs.

Like Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, You Cannot Afford to Be Afraid of Failure

Lack of self-assurance is not unheard of among younger businessmen. However, taking risks is a part of their job description, as hard as it is. How can you help it? Well, you should be really passionate about whatever you’re doing, says Gurbaksh Singh Chahal. Passionate and fearless.

“First, find something you are passionate about and then learn to do it better than the best guy,” he emphasizes.

“Second: Often people are afraid to try. They are afraid to act on an opportunity because of uncertainty of success. From the time we are young, we become accustomed to security – it brings financial support, and helps keep us moving along”, warns the entrepreneur. “But, I believe life’s purpose is not just to be ‘moving along’. It is to ‘take charge and make the most of it’. This comes with testing the new waters, new paths, facing new situations with no fear.”

“You cannot afford to be afraid of failure,” insists Gurbaksh Singh Chahal. It is a natural part of an entrepreneur’s life. “With each failure, we learn ways to make better decisions. It is embracing the failures that sets a successful entrepreneur apart from the losers.”

Make passion your paycheck

“Sure, there are naysayers all the time – always have been in generations before and will continue to be in generations to come,” says Gurbaksh. “I believe in focusing on my own strengths and blocking the negative noise. I have shared this with many students I mentor: You have to believe in yourself. Do just to prove wrong those who want to see you fail.”

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal believes that inspiration and strength can also be sourced from negative feelings.

“Make passion your paycheck. If you are going to fuel your energy either through positive passion or being angry at the world – then I suggest you use the negative energy to fuel the spirits of your dreams,” he says.

He also reminds about the danger of opting for easier path and decisions.

“In life, we get two paths to travel on,” reminds Gurbaksh. “One road looks easy and is laced with excuses. The other looks a little rough, but offers progress. This is the road that will signal many rough ups and downs and will take time to get used to. To travel on the second road requires dedication and willpower and asks for sacrifices all along the path.”

“Those who have traveled on this road (and are traveling on this road as a lifelong journey) will tell you, there are many temptations to turn back and take the easy highway. But, I promise you, if you are persistent and can find the strength to stay focused, and believe in your dreams, once you have reached your destination, the journey and the rewards will be well-worth it”, says the businessman.

Find your passion, don’t be afraid, and stay focused and dedicated on your way to success.

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